Gx Intelligence

Keeping you at the cutting edge of market development.

Data-backed actionable insight and inside knowledge, keeping you at the cutting edge of industry developments.

Mature industries are data-rich. Emerging ones are opinion-rich, but data-poor.

So the Gx Intelligence team commissions original research, particularly amongst end users.  We then combine it combine it with our daily trawl of the world’s market data, a sprinkling of Gx alchemy and a generous dollop of common sense to produce insights that put Gx clients ahead of the pack.

Your Gx membership includes:

  1. Four editions of the Gx Research Report
  2. Two editions of the Gx Consumer Payments Index
  3. Access to the Gx online payments library for all your company
  4. Ad-hoc specialist support to source data and insight
  5. Monthly opportunities to promote news from your company in Gx Insights


Gx Research Reports evaluate expansion into new markets, including market forecasts, market sizing, barriers to entry and a map of the future of the industry.  They seek to answer critical business questions, helping organisations understand the opportunities in a specific payment application, geographical market or more generally, to identify the market leaders and emerging players making waves in the industry. The opportunity to feature comments from your company’s executives in the research reports allows you to promote your company credibly.

The Gx Consumer Payments Index tracks consumer attitudes towards different payment products and technologies are changing, year on year. You can use the data tables, accompanied by the informed commentary to stimulate new product features, create new avenues for growth and decide how best to allocate resources.

The Gx Library is a search-friendly but specialist resource containing 500+ documents which are a mixture of proprietary research, reports or commentary plus relevant payments-related articles which we can recommend from elsewhere.

Gx Insights shares news of our members with our global distribution list of 10,000+ payments professionals. Containing c.1,000 C-level executives from c.3,000 companies, the monthly Gx Insights e-newsletter sheds light on topical issues, and can be used to subtly promote Gx members.

Please email Keri Farrell to discuss how  Gx Research programme can help your business gain an unfair advantage.