Emerging Payments Association

Advancing payments innovation

Connecting with the right people in the right environment, treatment and obtaining intelligence to stay at the cutting edge, online gets you ahead of the game.  But it is not enough. You also need to be part of the change you are trying to create.

The Emerging Payments Association brings together companies across the emerging payments spectrum to help shape the future of the payments industry landscape. Our vision is to make the UK a global leader in payments innovation by attracting investment capital and creating a hospitable regulatory environment for innovators, online new entrants and disruptors.

The EPA allows you to play your part in transforming the UK into a global hub for payments innovation. And to leave a legacy on the way. All Gx members have had their membership transferred to the EPA. Gx is now the delivery provider for the EPA.

The EPA is currently focusing on the following three main projects:


Contact Tony Craddock, Director General of the EPA to find out how you could benefit from – and contribute to – advancing payments innovation on tony.craddock@emergingpayments.org or 020 7378 9890.