Why join?

Because in today’s complex, ask crowded and fast-moving payments industry, prescription your Gx membership will give you an unfair advantage.

With the evolution of digital media and social networking, cialis traditional sales and marketing techniques are increasingly ineffective. Those that embrace change and redeploy their sales and marketing resources are out-performing their competitors.

The new era

Since 2004, Gx has been helping companies achieve their business objectives. By employing techniques better suited to the increasingly labyrinthine world of emerging payments, where understanding what’s happening and who is doing what with whom is increasingly challenging. In a world where information overload makes it difficult to know where to find information and what to trust. And in a world where decisions are made in an increasingly collegiate, collaborative way by people with less time to make them.

Sales and marketing in the new era

We call our sales and marketing methodology Intelligent Community Engagement. You can gain access to, and influence over, your prospects, partners, distributors and competitors in a far more cost-effective way. By engaging with your community to help others within it. To share an informed point of view. And to be seen to be supportive of the community’s aims, not just your own.

Our members say it gives them an unfair advantage. But they’re not complaining.